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"Please dont suffer in Silence,reach out and I can help you,
understand the root cause of your unwanted experiences"

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Hi, my name is Salman Ivan and I am a Certified, Elite Transformational Life coach. Today, I’m so excited to have you here, because, I can help you change the course of your entire life, if you’re only willing to give me a chance to do so.

I help and cure people by overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Depression by this brand new understanding which is based on Inside out psychology and all this by having a heart to heart talk.

      I don’t treat the Symptoms, I treat the cause of your                         unwanted experiences.

I also help people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Level 1(High Functioning Autism) or Asperger's syndrome with the help of 20-24 week (CBT) Cognitive Behaviour Therapy programme, modified to individual cognitive profile protocols. This programme is extremely beneficial and produce exceptional results. 

If you want to see more powerful, more capable and limitless version of you, that you’ve always had inside of you, just waiting to be unleashed into the world, get in touch and let me help you discover it yourself.


Life Coach in Whiltshire
Anxiety Depression & Stress

Anxiety Depression & Stress

Long-term anxiety and panic attacks can cause your brain to release stress hormones on a regular basis. Get rid of these feelings of unease, worry or fear.
NHS Gold Contributor

NHS Gold Contributor

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I am going to give you an opportunity, at no cost, FREE first coaching session with me where I shall share with you this revolutionary approach to life that can shift your entire perspective on life , forever.

Today can be the day that you can look back on and think,“Wow…that’s when everything changed…” Or it can be just another Thursday, Friday or any whatever day of the week it is. Nothing changes.

But in the future you might wonder “what if….” So here what I am suggesting…. If you have a niggling feeling that life could be better or something needs to be changed to get different answers, in any or all areas, just give me call.

Give me 1 hour to share this understanding with you. No charge.

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